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Build the conditions where energy can flourish and be sustainable in your organization - the energy that fuels passion, value creation, innovation and amazing customer experiences.

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“This positive, practical book shows you how to unlock the powerful energies in your people that cause them to perform at exceptional levels.”  Brian Tracy, Author/Speaker – How The Best Leaders Lead

My passion for energy compels keynote audiences to not only get involved in the presentation, but carry their excitement away with them.

"Brady Wilson is energetic, a strong story teller and effective at making connections with the audience and I would (and often do!) recommend him for anyone looking for a dynamic speaker." Anne Bermingham, Forum Chair, MacKay CEO Forums

"Brady’s focus on “beyond engagement” is timely and uber practical. Executive leaders need to turn their attention to ENERGY vs engagement as it is a key leading indicator to creating exponential growth in any organization. Brady presents with passion, presence and purpose!" Tim Magwood, Co-Founder, 1-Degree Inc.

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